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28 Feb


Answer God’s Calling

February 28, 2015 | By |

Every Christian is called to be a mentor (disciple). It is up to us to walk in our calling. Our calling in life is to share God’s life and have fellowship with other Christians. Dr. D.W. Ekstrand says “When a believer is in fellowship with God, he becomes consumed with His Word, and the desires to share the dynamics of it with other Christians. Just as sports is the topic of interest to the athlete and music is to the musician, and science is to the scientist, so biblical truth is to the believer”. God calls every believer to a service far beyond anything we can ever imagine. We were put on earth to make a contribution. We were called to be disciples of Jesus and lead others to Him as well. A successful mentor follows the examples of Jesus and executes them. Here are some tips for being a mentor: 1. Pray for people 2. Have a genuine love for people. 3. Develop an intimate relationship with people. 4. Be willing to teach people the basic guidelines of living a Christian life (studying God’s Word, surrendering to the Holy Spirit, fellowshipping with other Christians…). Do you have what it takes to be a mentor?
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