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02 Dec


Mouths to Feed: A True Disciple Feeding Hungry Souls

December 2, 2020 | By |

God’s Word gives us the best examples of trusting Him and leaning not to our own understanding. In the ninth chapter of Luke, we find the disciples traveling everywhere with Jesus. They have seen Him heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus was preparing them to perform miracles; using the same authority and power that He had.

Large crowds had begun following Jesus and the disciples. They were being taught God’s Word and healed of sickness. The disciples wanted to send the crowds away for food and lodging, but Jesus suggested that they should feed them.

The disciples had quickly forgotten who they were traveling with and what He had shown them along the way. They were only focused on the limited food supply. They failed to see that Jesus was the supplier of all their needs.

During this pandemic, we must learn to shift our focus on Jesus, and commit to doing His Will. Following Christ and making disciples should be every Christian’s desire. The only way to do this is to deny yourself and forsake anything that will stand in the way of serving Him.

God has called The S.A.L.T. Connection to feed hungry souls. This can be accomplished with your continued prayers and financial support. During this season of giving, help us to give to others who are in need. You can click here and make either a one-time donation or setup a recurring donation.