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06 Dec


You Can’t Beat God’s Giving

December 6, 2021 | By |

If God were to ask you today, “what can I do for you?”; what would be your response? Would you tell God to give you money? Would you tell Him to give you that man or woman (a spouse)? I believe many of us have a wish list of things that we really want to come true in our life. Ultimately, all of us want to simply live a happy and joyful life, and we have been taught that some of these wants bring about happiness and joy.

King Solomon was asked by God (1 Kings 3:5), “what shall I give you?” Solomon’s response was “ give to your servant an understanding heart”. Many of us would have asked out of want; which is what the world provides.

Why do we seek from the Lord what the world, or even man, can provide? We go out and work for money and then spend the money that we worked for. All we end up doing is swapping money around with each other. We should look for God to do the impossible in our lives. We should want God’s giving; because He has something better for us; something that this world or man can’t offer.

The Lord tells us that His thoughts and ways are not like our thoughts or ways because He is God. Therefore, what God can give us is greater than what we can even fathom.

Peter said (1 Peter 5:6), “humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God.” When you ask the question, “how can I receive what God has for me?” this is your answer: we must humble ourselves, take off pride, submit ourselves to the Lord, and then devote ourselves to God.

The holiday season is not the only time that people need help. Giving should be done daily in our Christian journey.

The S.A.L.T. Connection has decided to bless others who are in need and your support is greatly appreciated. You can click here to make either a one-time donation or setup a recurring donation.

Remember, God’s giving can’t be beat no matter how you try. Please join us in blessing others during this joyous season!